Skewb Kite

Skewb Kite, solved

The Skewb Kite is another shell variant on the Skewb. A rhombic dodecahedron puzzle, it is related to the Skewb by a mapping of the Skewb’s 8 vertices onto a rhombic dodecahedron’s 8 order-3 vertices, and of the Skewb’s 6 faces onto a rhombic dodecahedron’s 6 order-4 vertices. Because every single piece of a Skewb Kite is a corner piece, for which orientation matters, the Skewb Kite is a slightly harder puzzle than the Skewb; indeed it is the hardest of all the Skewb variants.

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Skewb, solved.

The Skewb Kite belongs to the family of Skewb variants which also includes the Skewb itself, the Skewb Diamond, the Skewb Ultimate, and the Tetrakaidecahedron. All are similar, but the Skewb Ultimate is essentially identical to the Skewb Kite. The shell is in the shape of a regular dodecahedron, and the irregular way in which the cuts intersect the pentagonal faces makes it look quite imposing. But ultimately it remains simply another Skewb in which every piece must be oriented correctly, equivalent to the Skewb Kite.