Tetrahedron puzzles


The tetrahedron-shaped puzzles include:

  • The Pyraminx series of vertex/face-turning tetrahedron puzzles. The standard Pyraminx has three layers, and there are several higher-order Pyraminxes. Don’t bother looking for a Pocket Pyraminx with two cubies along each edge; if it existed it would have four independently rotating pieces for a grand total of 12 positions: not a very exciting puzzle.
  • Jing’s Pyraminx, another vertex/face-turning tetrahedron. Essentially a Pyraminx with face centres; slightly harder to solve than the Pyraminx.
  • Master Pyramorphix, solved.

    The Pyramorphix series of edge-turning tetrahedron puzzles. These have the same core and cut as the magic cubes, and are therefore merely shell variants of them, and are solved in virtually the same ways: the Pyramorphix is virtually equivalent to the Pocket Cube; the Master Pyramorphix to the Rubiks Cube; and so on.